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Man’s Relationship with Nature in 19th Century America

In modern times, it is seemingly impossible to locate something natural and untouched by mankind. However, in eighteenth and nineteenth century America, European colonists arrived and settled on land preserved extremely well by its native people. Towns were established in … Continue reading

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George Washington and Huckleberry Finn Actually Have Something in Common

The illustration of George Washington crossing the icy Delaware River will forever be a symbol of American strength, especially during a time of hardship. This nineteenth century painting, while known by most, is not often analyzed for its potential in … Continue reading

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Romantic Painting

In The Woods by Asher B. Durand is a great example of a romantic painting. To start off, This painting is all about nature. In the painting some off the trees are broken or have moss growing on them. Durand does … Continue reading

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River of Light

In the painting El Rio de Luz by Frederic Edwin Church it relates to romanticism because it is a great example of nature. Frederic titled his painting, El Rio de Luz, which means The River of Light. The River of Light is … Continue reading

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Flying by the Seat of our Pants

In the early days of air flight, flying by the seat of your pants was a necessity as pilots flew without instruments and by instinct. Today, I think we do not fully appreciate this way of moving foward into a … Continue reading

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A Bird Came Down the Walk  A Bird Came Down the Walk A Bird came down the Walk – He did not know I saw – He bit an Angle Worm in halves And ate the fellow, raw, And then, he drank a Dew From … Continue reading

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