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Nuanced Death in Shakespeare—Treehouse Talks #2

Shakespeare was a man who wrote about complex and controversial topics for his time. At times he subtly delved into the discrimination of women and racial minorities. In this podcast we discuss the nuance in Shakespeare’s writing—and how he critiques … Continue reading

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Examining Hamlet to recognize Mental Health– Then & Now

Through both medias, our Hamlet comic and our podcast, Anna, Emilia, and I (Kira) explore different perspectives of Hamlet in modern times. Our comic strip is a modern twist of a scene from Hamlet and exemplifies the weight of social … Continue reading

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PBL Podcast *The Fortune Men Edition* (Feat. Caroline, Chris, Fiona, & Henry)

The Fortune Men by Nadifa Mohamed is set in Cardiff, Wales during the 1950s. Mohamed waited for this book to be her third novel for it to be the best quality possible. Nadifa has done justice to the protagonist Mahmood’s … Continue reading

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The Groundbreaking Circle

Our lit circle has been loving Maggie Shipstead’s 2021 Booker Prize nominated novel Great Circle! Being an all-female group, Shipstead’s emphasis on feminism as really caught our attention and made this book very engaging. We appreciate how she highlights the … Continue reading

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Damon Galgut’s, The Promise

After a seven year hiatus, previously nominated writer, Damon Galgut, delivers an emotional and introspective look into family dynamics and the manifestations of grief. Through the lives of three south African children, Astid, Anton and Amor, Galgut mirrors the turmoil … Continue reading

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We ARE Talking About This

Let us talk about what no one is talking about: No One Is Talking About This, Patricia Lockwood’s Booker Prize Nominated novel. Over the past few months, we have dived into this unique story of a woman living in the … Continue reading

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Keeping it Real: A Podcast on Real Life by Brandon Taylor

To conclude our PBL project, we took to the mic and created a podcast centered around our discussions of Brandon Taylor’s Real Life. Listen to it here on Soundcloud.

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How can we apply an interdisciplinary approach to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?

We will return to the “In Our Time” podcast to open our unit on “The Modern Era.” This particular podcast will help us appreciate Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and promises to be quite a podcast. It has been noted to be … Continue reading

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Closing With Our First Assignment

We began this #PBL journey at the start of the winter trimester, and this story as well as the students’ own posts sustained an authentic innovator’s mindset. It was fun to revisit this work at the close of class because … Continue reading

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Let’s Use Malcolm Gladwell’s Podcast to Introduce Kate Chopin’s The Awakening

Malcolm Gladwell examines the story of this famous painting to begin his podcast. Below is an image of Calling the Roll After An Engagement, Crimea, better known as The Roll Call. I used the image from Wikipedia; it is an 1874 oil-on-canvas … Continue reading

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