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Painting by Thomas Birch

Juxtaposition is when two contrasting elements are put next to each other to cause an effect of opposition. This painting by Thomas Birch in 1806 demonstrates juxtaposition similarly to The Scarlet Letter. Throughout the The Scarlet Letter, there are many … Continue reading

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This book cover is from early america and it represents romanticism because of the elaborate detail and color that is on it. This may be seen as an element of nature in a way because of the unique usage of … Continue reading

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Romantic Painting

In The Woods by Asher B. Durand is a great example of a romantic painting. To start off, This painting is all about nature. In the painting some off the trees are broken or have moss growing on them. Durand does … Continue reading

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River of Light

In the painting El Rio de Luz by Frederic Edwin Church it relates to romanticism because it is a great example of nature. Frederic titled his painting, El Rio de Luz, which means The River of Light. The River of Light is … Continue reading

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Romanticism in Approaching Thunder Storm

This painting entitled Approaching Thunder Storm, Martin Johnson Heade, is a painting of romanticism. This painting main focus is on nature. The painter shows little inlet that has not been taken over by the thunderstorm yet. The painting also dramatizes … Continue reading

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