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From Poverty to Poetry- Carl Sandburg’s Life and its Influence on his Writing

Carl Sandburg was a very complex poet despite the fact that the majority of his poems and writing incorporate themes of industrial and natural life. While his poetry expressed virtually the same theme and topic in each piece, Sandburg used … Continue reading

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The Power of Words

When reading Maya Angelou’s poetry, there is a connection in a sense that she speaks to her readers in an abstract way. Her poems possess themes that allow the audience to feel connected and relateable. In her poem “Still I … Continue reading

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Dear Black Child- Black Children are Worthy

Hey Black ChildDo you know who you areWho you really areDo you know you can beWhat you want to beIf you try to beWhat you can be Hey Black ChildDo you know where you are goingWhere you’re really goingDo you … Continue reading

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From Painting to Poetry: Exploring E. E. Cummings’ Many ‘Talents’

Many people know very little about the visual art of E. E. Cummings, but most likely because in comparison to his poetic work, the quality was extremely lacking. Cummings’ paintings that he created centered on soft colors, surrealist portraits, and … Continue reading

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Adrienne Rich Inspired Media

Adrienne Rich, a modern American poet, has inspired many pieces of media during and after her lifetime. As a writer and poet, Rich has used her status to encourage the improvement of women’s rights and the many other minorities that … Continue reading

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Robert Frost: The Art of Modern Ambiguity

Robert Frost is considered a very detailed poet of the twentieth century, mostly recognized for his ambiguous poetic style and philosophical writing aspects during the modern era. Although most of his poems are usually written in the traditional forms of … Continue reading

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The Untold Stories of Richard Wilbur

Richard Wilbur was a fascinating poet to study this term, I believe this is the case because he makes the readers work for it. He has a way of capturing his readers through multilayered pieces of literature, although this can … Continue reading

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Langston Hughes: The Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was an intellectual, social, and artistic eruption located in Harlem, New York that was primarily a new form of African-American expression. Langston Hughes, a poet during the Harlem Renaissance, was instrumental in the success of this movement … Continue reading

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Trees of Temptation

The Bible is an influential text that presents in self in a variety of American literature in the form of allusions and motifs. The motif of a tree is important in the Bible, and its significance has found its way … Continue reading

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Forgiveness Through the Eyes of Water

Water symbolizes forgiveness of sin through cleansing. In the Bible, in order to have “our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, our bodies [need to be] washed with pure water” (Hebrews 10:22). This ideology is seen in the biblical story … Continue reading

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