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Small Things Like These

After just finishing Small Things Like These, I most definitely agree with Ron Charles’s opinion that Claire Keegan has “carved out a profoundly moving and universal story.” Each chapter reads so quickly with simplistic prose and lines that flowed from … Continue reading

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The Ins and Outs of Bewilderment

Suleni Sabio-Arzu (SEL Scholar) This podcast will describe the relationship between Richard Powers’ Bewilderment and the presence of Social/Emotional Learning in the classroom. Bewilderment is a novel bringing to light the issues that Special Needs Families face on a daily … Continue reading

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Appreciating Anuk Arudpragasam’s Unique Writing Style

In a collaboration episode between classes, this podcast takes a deep dive into the style of Arudpragasam’s writing and analyzes how this contributes to the meaning of the work. Born in Columbo himself, Arudpragasam earned his degrees from Columbia university … Continue reading

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The Silence of it All

Anuk Arudpragasm did an excellent job at gripping his readers into his newest novel A Passage North. Anuk is able to create an emotional connection between the reader and the characters. Krishan journeys through Sri Lanka for his grandmother’s caretaker’s … Continue reading

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Podcast on Patricia Lockwood’s No One is Talking About This

Click here to listen to this great podcast: Produced by Jina and Kennedy.

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Our take Great Circle

Catherine McCarthy and Camille Abatjoglou Great Circle, by Maggie Shipstead, is a satisfying opus and quick page-turning novel. The novel curates two feminists’ tones: Marian Gravens, twentieth-century aviatrix, and Hadley Baxter, twenty-first-century Hollywood actress. These two-contrasting main characters create a … Continue reading

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A Passage North Podcast – Ben and Frankie

On the surface, A Passage North, by Anuk Arudpragasam, appears to be a book that follows a grieving boy named Krishan during his journey following the Sri Lankan civil war. Krishan starts the trip in his home of Colombo, Sri … Continue reading

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Shuggie Bain Minecraft Scene Proposal

Themes:  Temperament- Big shug has anger issues. They stem from his frustration with his life/standing in society. He then takes this frustration and blames it on Agnes effectively gaslighting her.   He tells her he is leaving her because he cannot make her … Continue reading

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A PBL Take: Final Thoughts on Diane Cooke’s New Wilderness

Cooke’s well-developed prose drew us in from the beginning of the novel. The vivid descriptions of the nature and setting in which the characters live and battle for survival added richness to the plot and demonstrated the severity of the … Continue reading

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