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The Garden of Deceit

In the Bible there are various motifs that represent several important themes in the text. One significant motif in this work is the garden, signifying how appearances can be deceiving. Demonstrating the aforementioned idea, the Bible portrays how God warns … Continue reading

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The Force of Mountains

Mountains are powerful symbols in American Literature. In the Bible, the mountains are sacred. They are a symbol of divinity and holiness. Mountains are closer to God which makes them so special. When Moses has a vision of God and … Continue reading

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Binding Blood

The Bible is used to convey many ideas, including many motifs that influence the literary work as a whole. Specifically, blood is a common motif presented throughout the Bible; it represents the bonding of humans and the everlasting connection between … Continue reading

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God’s Wrath Towards Those Who Have Sinned

God’s wrath acts as a biblical motif throughout the Bible as well as American Literature. First of all, many portray God as quite forgiving and one who does not severely punish for sinful actions; however, when reading the Bible and … Continue reading

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A Prophet in Disguise

A prophet can be considered one who is both in touch with others and is aware of the future yet to come. This knowledge of the future usually does not work in a prophet’s favor because it seems as if … Continue reading

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Minor Characters Introducing Major Characters in the Bible and American Lit

One motif in the bible is minor characters introducing a major character. The chief example of this is Jesus being introduced to the world by John the Baptist. ““I am baptizing you with water, but one mightier than I is … Continue reading

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Tests in the Bible and American Literature

In everyday life, one is tested on various things ranging from school to family to friends. A test has been a part of existence since the very first people. In Genesis 2:19-3:21, The Bible tells the story of Adam and … Continue reading

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Divine Covenants

Covenants are extraordinarily important aspect of everyday life. However, when alluding to the Bible, the word covenant appears in an entirely different manner. Many of the most important biblical stories incorporate some kind of a covenant. In the Biblical sense, … Continue reading

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Birds Flying High and Free

Birds have been used as a symbol of hope and freedom throughout many works of literature and poems, representing a beacon of light in an unruly world. Their gift of flight is often viewed as a search for a better … Continue reading

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The Slyness of Serpents in Stories

No matter what kind of literature you read, you can never escape biblical allusions. The Bible has proved to be, throughout decades of literature, an archetype for all works. Whether biblical terms slither their way into the story is based … Continue reading

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