Local History

Suffield Academy’s New Local History Club:

Want to go on a Halloween graveyard tour? Or on a walking tour about witches in colonial Connecticut? Join the new Local History club here at Suffield. Sign up at the Activities Fair during dinner on Monday.

Want to learn more about Suffield’s role in the witch trials of Connecticut? Did you also know that two significant lines of the Underground Railroad operated on the east and west side of Suffield?

We will have fun learning history outside of the classroom. On a nature trail or visiting one of our state’s great sites, we’ll find time in our busy Suffield schedules to do some cool outings. We’ll also plan to visit one of Connecticut’s great restaurants whenever we travel.

When do we meet? When it is best time for our members considering their busy schedules.

Here are some events we may attend and then think about offering walking tours of the historic areas of our campus. We will also look into creating a smartphone GPS walking tours so that our community can access our local history information in real time. What do you want to see and do?

Possible local history topics:




Possible Food Destinations:



What are your ideas? I look forward to talking local history with you.

Take care,

mr. s

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