Outdoor Education

I enjoys my time with students in the outdoors. Prior to my teaching career, I led bike trips for American Youth Hostels and now want to be a forester when I grow up. I was recently appointed to the Town Forest Commission and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for the outdoors with students in the SOLO program during the fall and winter terms. I also try to design my American Studies class to investigate a local history mystery that also involves a dimension of interpreting the landscape as well. One year we conducted archeology on an abandoned fireplace, which is located on our east side of campus. Another year we discovered the original location of Reverend Hemeneway Select School in West Suffield. The class’ investigation proved that the current trajectory of Sheldon Street was different in the 19th century than today.

I also Tweet learning moments in Suffield Academy’s SOLO program with the (#) #OutdoorEdcuation. https://twitter.com/bsullivan35