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Trees of Temptation

The Bible is an influential text that presents in self in a variety of American literature in the form of allusions and motifs. The motif of a tree is important in the Bible, and its significance has found its way … Continue reading

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The Force of Mountains

Mountains are powerful symbols in American Literature. In the Bible, the mountains are sacred. They are a symbol of divinity and holiness. Mountains are closer to God which makes them so special. When Moses has a vision of God and … Continue reading

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Tests in the Bible and American Literature

In everyday life, one is tested on various things ranging from school to family to friends. A test has been a part of existence since the very first people. In Genesis 2:19-3:21, The Bible tells the story of Adam and … Continue reading

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Biblical Allusions to Mountains in Literature

The importance of mountains in the Bible is without a doubt very large. The mountain that is most important in the Bible is Mount Sinai where Moses received from God the Ten Commandments. The mountain in this scene signifies importance and … Continue reading

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