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Oh William! E Period’s SEL Approach to Analyzing Literature

“She loved me, my daughter! Even knowing this, I was surprised. In truth, I was amazed.”  Discussing Oh William!, Elizabeth Strout writes Lucy Barton as an individual scarred by her parental relationships as a child. As a result, she struggles … Continue reading

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The Treehouse Talks

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Beyond the Trees– Episode 1 of the KEA Podcast

This podcast produced by Kea elaborates on the injustices and discrimination found in the Booker Prize nominated novel The Trees by Percival Everett. Even though we have not finished the book, we dug into the themes of racism and stereotypes by elaborating on the fitting book title which encompasses the diverse forms of injustice. The stereotypes mentioned in this podcast help to highlight the discrimination and misogyny that is prevalent in society today. Continue reading

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The Ins and Outs of Bewilderment

Suleni Sabio-Arzu (SEL Scholar) This podcast will describe the relationship between Richard Powers’ Bewilderment and the presence of Social/Emotional Learning in the classroom. Bewilderment is a novel bringing to light the issues that Special Needs Families face on a daily … Continue reading

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The Groundbreaking Circle

Our lit circle has been loving Maggie Shipstead’s 2021 Booker Prize nominated novel Great Circle! Being an all-female group, Shipstead’s emphasis on feminism as really caught our attention and made this book very engaging. We appreciate how she highlights the … Continue reading

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Circle Up!

Check out Izzy & Tessa’s new podcast on Maggie Shipstead’s novel, Great Circle. With an emphasis on style and pattern, they investigate the unique structure and themes of the novel, from femininity to family. Join them to listen to their … Continue reading

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Real Life and Real Artwork

As we read Brandon Taylor’s “Real Life” and explored the complexities and challenges that Wallace endures, we were inspired to create. Below you will find a culmination of the most important moments from the text in a visual format that … Continue reading

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The Secret War of Independence

Near the beginning of The Shadow King, Aster is presented as this sort of mean stepmother, who uses Hirut as an outlet for her anger that should be directed towards her husband, Kidane. As readers, we learn that Hirut was … Continue reading

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Why is Tambudzai Such a Dislikable Character?

At first glance, Tambudzai is a cold, cruel character. She does not care about her hostel mates, she is focused solely on money, and she is self-centered. But, after taking a deeper dive into the novel, one can see that … Continue reading

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Want Real Curriculum? Brandon Taylor Dramatizes Untold Stories

The systems in America were built to help Straight White Men succeed. Politics, economics, judiciary, education, all these branches of the United States were designed without the well-being of minorities in mind, and while much has been done to try and create equality, we … Continue reading

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