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The Power of Words

When reading Maya Angelou’s poetry, there is a connection in a sense that she speaks to her readers in an abstract way. Her poems possess themes that allow the audience to feel connected and relateable. In her poem “Still I … Continue reading

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King Phillip’s War: Local History in Colonial Times

When studying American history, it seems that there are very noticeable “gaps;” periods of history that we really do not know much about or seem to be “forgotten.” The one we have been focusing on most recently is the period … Continue reading

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Robert The Caterer

Robert Hayden was an artist without the recognition he deserved. He is often thrown in with names like Eliot or Hughes, yet is not widely known like they are. Many people simply chalk Hayden up to being another African American … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Bishop’s Relationship With Nature in Poetry

Elizabeth Bishop’s poetry is full of imagery that can transport the reader to any of the settings she writes about. Her ability to use these settings and the subject of nature in poetry to reflect on other themes such as … Continue reading

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Snow Days and Poetry

One of the elements that Wallace Stevens tends to incorporate into his poetry is the concept of weather. Since he lived in New England all his life, Stevens showed a lot of interest and perception in wintry days; and soon … Continue reading

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All The Difference

The perplexing thing about Robert Frost as a poet is that he is able to make the reader feel like they are with him, trudging through the snowy forests of New England, even though most of his poems were published while … Continue reading

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A 19th Century Crucifixion

The crucifixion of Jesus is one of the most recognizable scenes from the Bible. Even those not familiar with religion are still familiar with the symbol of the cross. Hester Prynne is by no means a martyr like Christ but … Continue reading

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Abraham, Huck Finn, and Tests

The world seems almost too eager to throw tests at us sometimes. Will we always do what is right? Can we always do what is right? After looking at the test Abraham encountered when he had the choice to either … Continue reading

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Rising From the Ashes, Then to the Ashes Again

Ellen Hopkins again writes with her unusual style of poetry, as she does with her other novels, in Burned. This is the first novel in the Burned duology. However, the first stretch of the story fails to reach me in … Continue reading

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An Interesting Story By Francis Coates Jones In this image we see two beautiful women and a young girl. One woman is reading a newspaper while sitting in the sunlight while the other woman is sewing. Both the woman sewing and … Continue reading

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