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Samuel Deming, His wife, and His home

This brief, but informative article helps shed light to the topic of abolitionist movement and the helping of the underground railroad in 1800 Farmington.  While it may not be the biggest of articles or the most important to surround Farmington … Continue reading

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David Ruggles and The Water Cure.

David Ruggles (1810-1849) was of one of the most heroic, and one of the most overlooked figures of the abolitionist movement in America. David Ruggles became well versed in the water cure system. He was subsequently at the head of … Continue reading

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Ross farm famously help the abolitionist movement

            In this article, we can see one of the famous houses in Florence, MA was the Ross Farm, known for its connections to helping the abolitionist movements.  The importance of this article is that … Continue reading

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