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Diving Into the Life of Nikki Giovanni

Majority of Nikki Giovanni’s poems focus on the subject of discrimination against women and minority groups as well as people below the poverty line. Giovanni describes her poems as voices for those who felt voiceless. Although it may seem that … Continue reading

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The Trust in a Kiss Versus the Pain in a Betrayal

Authors utilize a betrayal kiss in literature in order to add irony to the work by highlighting the contrast between the trust in a kiss and the subsequent treachery that follows. One of the key uses of this motif is … Continue reading

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Vampires Everywhere

In both The Scarlet Letter and The Age of Innocence, characters act as vampires towards people seen as not obeying societal norms. The tension created by Arthur Dimmesdale and Hester Prynne’s secret connection creates the perfect opportunity for Roger Chillingworth … Continue reading

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