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Create an Argument Regarding Sting’s Integration of Sonnet 35 into “Consider Me Gone”

In his collection of essays, The Sacred Wood, T.S. Eliot claims: “Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different.” Reflect on that insight … Continue reading

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The World’s Stage

In the play As You Like It William Shakespeare tries to emphasize to the reader that we are all actors on one big stage. In act II scene VII for example the melancholy Jacques laments his view on the world. … Continue reading

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The Alteration of Hugh Fennyman

In The film “Shakespeare in Love” the character Hugh Fennyman, portrayed by Tom Wilkinson, develops a love for theatre. In the beginning of the film Hugh Fennyman has little respect for theatre and the actors and writers involved in it. … Continue reading

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Here’s how we will nurture our first exit ticket by sharing it on Twitter

Let’s have you work in pairs if you need to do so. We want you to develop your first exit ticket into a larger take-away. Then look for an asset on Twitter to send a message or a question about … Continue reading

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PBL Mindset, Assessments, and Tools

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Using Our Shakespeare Twitter Persona To Continue Class a Little More

    With one junior left behind in our senior elective, he and I brainstormed a good use of his time during the junior exam period. We thought a neat way for him to use his time reflectively was to … Continue reading

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A Pizza Restaurant Reference

One similarity between Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and She’s the Man, is Cesario. While they couldn’t bring the old fashioned name “Cesario” back into the movie, they named the nearby pizza place in the movie “Cesario’s”. This was a very important place … Continue reading

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The Dark Lady

In Michael Woods’ documentary, Shakespeare’s life gets exposed very specifically; we learn things about him that we did not know before hand. Shakespeare’s family was not very well liked by the Queen, because the Queen was protestant and Shakespeare’s family … Continue reading

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Star Crossed Soccer Players

In She’s the man; there are many different things that are similar to the 12th night. The names in She’s The Man are very similar, besides Viola pretending to be Sebastian. Viola helps Duke get with Olivia, which is similar … Continue reading

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Deadly Fame

Marlowe is a character that Shakespeare always admired; he was the best actor and playwright in town. He was a person that Shakespeare looked up too and aspired to overcome him in his acting and playwright prowess. When Shakespeare first … Continue reading

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