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Stargirl, Carry Me Away

John F. Kennedy once said, “Conformity is the jailor of freedom and the enemy of growth.” Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl focuses on this idea and emphasizes the beauty of the world through a different perspective. With a strong, almost supernatural female presence, this … Continue reading

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The Test of Abraham in American Literature

There is no plot to a story without a conflict and a test of character, and in a Biblical story there is always a test by God. In this particular test, Abraham was asked to kill his son in a … Continue reading

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This Might Be About Sex and Vampires – But This is No “Twilight”

Vampirism is not always about Dracula. Throughout the eras of American Literature, the most important motif to consider would be Foster’s “Acts of Vampires”, in which a character – likely (but not always) a woman – will have something taken … Continue reading

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T.S. Eliot’s Wikipedia Editing

Formatting: Move “Conversion to Anglicanism and British Citizenship” to before “Teaching, Lloyds, Faber and Faber”. Put “Separation and Remarriage” as a sub-subcategory of “Marriage”. Put “Awards” as a subcategory of “Death and Honours”.   Content: Add McCombe’s theory on Eliot’s … Continue reading

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the Tolerance of William Penn

     William Penn was perhaps not a good man during his lifetime of 1644 and 1718; however, he is good and important today without people realizing it. He created a large and important city at the time, which became … Continue reading

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