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Dear Will on TNT #WillTNT

As scholars of a Shakespeare course at Suffield Academy, we have spent the past year studying the works of the greatest playwright of all time. When we first heard about Will on TNT, we could not contain our excitement. We would … Continue reading

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William Shakespeare’s Early Inspiration

William Shakespeare is played by Joseph Fiennes in the film, Shakespeare in Love, which was directed by John Madden and written by Marc Norman in 1998. The film takes place in 1593 London, when Shakespeare was writing the new comedy, … Continue reading

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John Green’s Sonnet Video

Enjoy John Green’s great video to help review our work with Sonnet 18 and Sonnet 130. You may understand some of the themes that we processed in class better by viewing this video. This may also help you understand a … Continue reading

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Let’s Leverage Our Shakespeare Knowledge

We learned a great deal about Shakespeare’s language, life, and comic genius. In fact, our ability to recognize his comic patterns helped improved our understanding of his plays and language. While we agree that this is a good and informative … Continue reading

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One Giant Leap for Design Thinking

We had an amazing first foray into our Design Thinking exercise today in our Shakespeare elective. As we read Twelfth Night and Much Ado About Nothing earlier in the year and reviewed the comic elements in Hamlet, we tried a new … Continue reading

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Make a Connection to Shakespeare’s Influence on Today’s Artistic World or Delve Deep into a Specific Scene

The goal of this academic moment is for us to explore larger ideas and artistic trends regarding Shakespeare before we dive back into another comedy. That said, your exploration of Shakespeare’s influence or delving into a passage that was never … Continue reading

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Viola Hastings – She’s the Man

In the movie She’s the Man, Viola Hastings is a character of great significance aside from the fact that she is the main protagonist. The content of her personality and character bring life altering perspectives and opinions that in a … Continue reading

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Mistaken Identity in She’s the Man

The mistaken identity element in the movie largely resembles that in Twelfth Night, both consisting of twin brother and sister confounding others. Mistaken identity is a classic element that contributes to various comedies. In Twelfth Night, it was Viola’s disguise … Continue reading

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She’s The Man/Twelfth Night “Gender Roles”

Twelfth Night and She’s the man both portray different roles that each gender plays in society. While many not agree with these roles, it’s also safe to say some of these stereotypes are broken. Looking at the Viola’s we can … Continue reading

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Olivia Lennox in She’s the Man

Olivia insists on finding a man who is not the typical “tough guy”, but rather has a sensitive side. Throughout the beginning of the movie Olivia seems to be the typical popular high school antagonist. Viola believes that Olivia loves … Continue reading

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