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Have You Sinned?

The habitual nature of mankind to sin has existed since the creation of Adam and Eve in The Book of Genesis. When God had created Adam from the “dust of the ground,” and Eve from the “rib” of Adam, God … Continue reading

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If you’re not a Puritan you’re gonna have a bad time

To understand early American literature, it is important to recognize how God-centric society was. From the video portraying the Anne Hutchinson vs. John Winthrop trial it is clear that any vaguely unorthodox word or actions went noticed and punished. Although it … Continue reading

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Hester Prynne, Huck Finn, Moses the Shepard, and Punishing Sin

With all of the biblical allusions present in literature, Moses and the Ten Commandments can be difficult to spot in a piece of writing. But, with sufficient knowledge of the story, and the stories before and after Exodus 20 can … Continue reading

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The theme of resurrection is one of the most important themes in literature today, due to its famous origin. The first time resurrection is seen in literature is in the Bible, when Jesus resurrects after three days from his tomb. In … Continue reading

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A 19th Century Crucifixion

The crucifixion of Jesus is one of the most recognizable scenes from the Bible. Even those not familiar with religion are still familiar with the symbol of the cross. Hester Prynne is by no means a martyr like Christ but … Continue reading

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Allusions to the Crucifixion of Christ in Literature

  The crucifixion of Christ is arguably the most significant as well as the most recognizable scene of the entire Bible. Even those who do not practice Christianity are generally familiar with the story of Jesus of Nazareth being nailed … Continue reading

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Shakespeare, A Fugitive From Religion

Michael Wood’s “In Search of Shakespeare” brought forth many important points about Shakespeare’s many life experiences and influences. One of the topics of largest importance in Elizabethan England was religion. It seemed to flip-flop, over the years between Catholic and … Continue reading

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Makepeace – Inspiration in an Unconventional Place

“A plague on both of your houses” is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous lines. This line of iammbic pentameter foreshadows the terrible tragedy that would come about in Romeo and Juliet. People don’t usually think of Shakespeare as writing … Continue reading

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Man’s Relationship with Nature in 19th Century America

In modern times, it is seemingly impossible to locate something natural and untouched by mankind. However, in eighteenth and nineteenth century America, European colonists arrived and settled on land preserved extremely well by its native people. Towns were established in … Continue reading

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Power vs. Religion

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, King Claudius has a soliloquy in Act III Scene III that illuminates the chaos between religion and power in this play. A couple months before the play begins, Claudius is presented with a risky dilemma; either stand … Continue reading

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