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Maya Angelou: Wikipedia Proposal

Structural Edits Move poetry section to under the Works subheader, creating an autobiography and a poetry section Change name of subheader “Style and genre in autobiographies” to “Literary and Poetic Style” Content Edits Add list of her poetry collection under … Continue reading

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The Quest for Self-Knowledge

The quest is a motif that transcends time and place, stretching across literature from every culture on the planet. The quest motif is so prevalent that Thomas Foster explicates it in the first chapter of his How to Read Literature … Continue reading

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The Garden Test

Gardens in the Bible serve as a symbolic setting in which an important test occurs, leading to an eventual loss of innocence. Gardens in the Bible are highly symbolic in and of themselves, as they were meant to represent the … Continue reading

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It’s Personal

When She Woke, by Hillary Jordan, is a provocative novel set in a near, yet dystopian, future where the lines between church and state have dissolved, leaving the US to be run by a theocracy. An homage to Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter, … Continue reading

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Salem Witch Trials – Repressing Women in Colonial America

While certainly not the first period of witch hysteria, the Salem Witch Trials were arguably the most famous in the American Colonies. The natures of the convicted tells us a good deal about the values of the time. Those accused … Continue reading

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