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The Force of Mountains

Mountains are powerful symbols in American Literature. In the Bible, the mountains are sacred. They are a symbol of divinity and holiness. Mountains are closer to God which makes them so special. When Moses has a vision of God and … Continue reading

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Colbert Brings Back the Satirical Genius of Twain

It is no secret that Mark Twain likes to satirize racism. In his novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, there are several scenes where African Americans are portrayed as less than human.  Mark Twain illustrates this to expose the wrongs … Continue reading

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Using Strange Fruit to Add Context to Steinbeck’s Chapter 4 Of Mice and Men

Abel Meeropol’s haunting song, Strange Fruit, is considered one of the first protest songs regarding the issue of lynching that was still a large American issue in 1939. English I folks are reading Steinbeck’s novel, which was published in 1937, … Continue reading

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