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Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes is a very complex artist who did many things. While researching him I discovered a lot about his autobiography that I found very interesting. While he was a superb artist he also lived in a very interesting and … Continue reading

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Abraham, Huck Finn, and Tests

The world seems almost too eager to throw tests at us sometimes. Will we always do what is right? Can we always do what is right? After looking at the test Abraham encountered when he had the choice to either … Continue reading

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Art and Intelligence

What is the worth of true understanding and intelligence, and more importantly what should one do if they have it? In The Elegance of the Hedgehog by French philosopher Muriel Barbery, both Renee and Paloma have drastically different answers. Renee … Continue reading

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An Interesting Story By Francis Coates Jones In this image we see two beautiful women and a young girl. One woman is reading a newspaper while sitting in the sunlight while the other woman is sewing. Both the woman sewing and … Continue reading

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