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Into the Wilderness

Uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable are some of the words people typically use to describe a wilderness, but in literary terms wilderness can have quiete a different meaning. It can be associated with words such as transformation, self discovery, and growth. … Continue reading

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A 19th Century Crucifixion

The crucifixion of Jesus is one of the most recognizable scenes from the Bible. Even those not familiar with religion are still familiar with the symbol of the cross. Hester Prynne is by no means a martyr like Christ but … Continue reading

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Biblical Allusions to Mountains in Literature

The importance of mountains in the Bible is without a doubt very large. The mountain that is most important in the Bible is Mount Sinai where Moses received from God the Ten Commandments. The mountain in this scene signifies importance and … Continue reading

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The Test of Temptation: SIN-k or Swim

Temptation is often the impetus for human beings failing to adhere to what is just and moral. Human beings are constantly being tested, and sometimes failure occurs due to the influence of temptation. This motif is evidenced in Hawthorne’s, The Scarlet … Continue reading

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The Herring Net and The Scarlet Letter

Winslow Homer painted this painting, The Herring Net, in 1890. It depicts two fishermen fighting to catch their fish and stay afloat during a storm. The mood in this painting is hopeful and determined in spite of chaos and hardship. … Continue reading

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Romanticism in Approaching Thunder Storm

This painting entitled Approaching Thunder Storm, Martin Johnson Heade, is a painting of romanticism. This painting main focus is on nature. The painter shows little inlet that has not been taken over by the thunderstorm yet. The painting also dramatizes … Continue reading

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