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Robert Frost: The Art of Modern Ambiguity

Robert Frost is considered a very detailed poet of the twentieth century, mostly recognized for his ambiguous poetic style and philosophical writing aspects during the modern era. Although most of his poems are usually written in the traditional forms of … Continue reading

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T.S. Eliot

T.S. Eliot was and is known as one of the most influential writers of the modern era of literature. His original formatting and ideas brought a new refreshing view to poetry, and his messages about the time period are still … Continue reading

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Langston Hughes and The Harlem Renaissance

Renowned individuals often follow their first dreams from their childhood, demonstrating proficiency in a particular field of interest – not Langston Hughes. Hughes was born on February 1, 1902 and passed away on May 22, 1967, and aspired to be … Continue reading

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Diving Into the Life of Nikki Giovanni

Majority of Nikki Giovanni’s poems focus on the subject of discrimination against women and minority groups as well as people below the poverty line. Giovanni describes her poems as voices for those who felt voiceless. Although it may seem that … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of the Renaissance

  Although using a darker tone than the typical uplifting and free tone of the time period, “Panel 53” of Jacob Lawrence’s “Migration Series” exemplifies very well the Harlem Renaissance and some of the modernist themes and feelings that were … Continue reading

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“The Brown Bomber”

Joe Louis was born in 1914, who was an African American boxer from Alabama until 1981. He was a professional boxer who later became the world heavy weight champion from 1937 through 1949. Joe Louis’s nickname was the “Brown Bomber”. … Continue reading

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Mysterious and Modern Thelonious Monk

  Thelonious Monk was a very unique Jazz musician during this time period. He had no certain pattern to his music and was also unique in many ways. Most of his music were very interesting to play and interesting. In … Continue reading

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All The Difference

The perplexing thing about Robert Frost as a poet is that he is able to make the reader feel like they are with him, trudging through the snowy forests of New England, even though most of his poems were published while … Continue reading

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E.E. Cummings’s Experimentation with Form

E.E. Cummings was an innovative and groundbreaking poet who disregarded the traditional boundaries of poetry. His extremely modern style differentiated him from his contemporaries. Veering away from rhyming patterns and typical verse structure, he even experimented with concrete poetry. He … Continue reading

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Poetry takes Animation

Billy Collins is globally recognized as a poet, but what not everybody knows is that he enjoys filmmaking. As seen in the video, Collins combines the use of poetry and film into a form of media. This is certainly an element of … Continue reading

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