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Nuanced Death in Shakespeare—Treehouse Talks #2

Shakespeare was a man who wrote about complex and controversial topics for his time. At times he subtly delved into the discrimination of women and racial minorities. In this podcast we discuss the nuance in Shakespeare’s writing—and how he critiques … Continue reading

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Oh William, Elizabeth Strout Podcast, Sullivan E Period

“I would like to say a few things about my first husband, William.” Protagonist and narrator Lucy Barton commencing her story with this casual claim about what’s to come sets the tone for a stream-of-consciousness type of intimate novel.

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Survival Guide for Glory

Luna Kwon and Logan Lee               NoViolet Bulawayo sets Jidada, a reflection of Zimbabwe, as the setting of her story. In her narrative there is no space for human beings – there are only animals (mals and femals to be specific). This might remind you of … Continue reading

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Within the Branches: An Exploration of The Trees

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Small Podcasts like These

Our #Smallthingslikethese #litcircle did a deep podcast discussion on the themes and inspirations of the #ClairKeegan novel. Listen to us break down the main ideas of this Christmas Carol retelling and share our meaningful insights on the message of empathy in … Continue reading

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Beyond the Trees– Episode 1 of the KEA Podcast

This podcast produced by Kea elaborates on the injustices and discrimination found in the Booker Prize nominated novel The Trees by Percival Everett. Even though we have not finished the book, we dug into the themes of racism and stereotypes by elaborating on the fitting book title which encompasses the diverse forms of injustice. The stereotypes mentioned in this podcast help to highlight the discrimination and misogyny that is prevalent in society today. Continue reading

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The Groundbreaking Circle

Our lit circle has been loving Maggie Shipstead’s 2021 Booker Prize nominated novel Great Circle! Being an all-female group, Shipstead’s emphasis on feminism as really caught our attention and made this book very engaging. We appreciate how she highlights the … Continue reading

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Circle Up!

Check out Izzy & Tessa’s new podcast on Maggie Shipstead’s novel, Great Circle. With an emphasis on style and pattern, they investigate the unique structure and themes of the novel, from femininity to family. Join them to listen to their … Continue reading

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Opening Pages of Bewilderment

Zeno Dancanet, Paige Hossetter, Camille Abatjoglou Richard Powers crafts a beautiful story in Bewilderment telling the experience of a family and their ordeals. Powers parallels the “broken” family dynamic of Theo and Robin as well as Robin’s neurodivergence through presenting … Continue reading

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Flowers for Robin

Richard Powers’ Booker Prize Winner, Bewilderment, has astounded readers everywhere with its emotional complexity and metaphorical depth. Theo and his son, Robin, take us on a journey of grief and growth through a layered and twisting plot. Via an exploration … Continue reading

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