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Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath is regarded as one of the most famous poets of American literature as she employs many poetic techniques that display her vision and meaning behind each poem. However, in addition to Plath’s poems, I found her personal life … Continue reading

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Have You Sinned?

The habitual nature of mankind to sin has existed since the creation of Adam and Eve in The Book of Genesis. When God had created Adam from the “dust of the ground,” and Eve from the “rib” of Adam, God … Continue reading

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Bloom’s Taxonomy- Blindness

In The Scarlet Letter and The Age of Innocence readers are presented with the Foster motif of blindness. This motif exemplifies the blind conformity and trust in society and people in both literary works. For example, in The Scarlet Letter … Continue reading

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Be Yourself- Zoey, Nick, Rishi

island-club-villas Our infographic is focused on the idea of being your own person and following your instinct. Don’t live the way that other expect you to, live the way you want to. Be your own and be independent of the … Continue reading

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A Reference to The Scarlet Letter

I found a reference to the story, The Scarlet Letter, while I was watching a show called Grey’s Anatomy. The clip is from the new season they released a couple weeks ago, Season Thirteen, Episode Two. Before you watch the … Continue reading

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