Stargirl, Carry Me Away


John F. Kennedy once said, “Conformity is the jailor of freedom and the enemy of growth.” Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl focuses on this idea and emphasizes the beauty of the world through a different perspective. With a strong, almost supernatural female presence, this novel reflects similar values to that of the Scarlet Letter. Even the main character’s name, Stargirl Caraway, is mysterious and powerful; her last name ambiguously sounding like “carry away” or “care-away” depicts her care-free life in reverie. This inspirational story of a young teenage girl standing out in the crowd resonates with the audience: a girl who is not worried about being popular in high school. Stargirl experiences heartbreak and overcomes the incredibly harsh reality of high school: the conflicting desire for individuality and the looming peer pressure. Stargirl is an inspiring tale of rarity and non-conformity, and it offers a new perspective on social norms.

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