Diane Cook’s Fan Club: A First Look into The New Wilderness

As a group, we had collectively been extremely interested in doing a podcast. We were able to come together and discuss about something we are interested in with no pressure and complete freedom regarding what we talked about. We discussed the themes of power and leadership in the novel along with why we chose to read this book. We made this podcast by first recording the audio through Microsoft Teams, then edited it through iMovie, and finally uploaded it SoundCloud. This portion of our PBL project was extremely inclusive of those students who are remote and recording the podcast through Teams worked incredibly well.

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3 Responses to Diane Cook’s Fan Club: A First Look into The New Wilderness

  1. I love Miles’s “lion pride alpha male” comparison when discussing the theme of power. It works so well in a story where animals are an important component to the plot development and flow of the story. I also really enjoyed hearing why you all chose the book – I chose it for many of the same reasons.

  2. 21mjk says:

    I appreciate Emma’s point about how those who are truly desiring of power do not wait for agreement but rather seek the power regardless of the consequences. Throughout my read, I didn’t think very deeply about the power dynamics in the Community, but your discussion of it definitely is representative of its essential nature in our primordial tendencies.

  3. I appreciate getting my first “shout out” for this project. Here’s a shout out to the importance of #process in our #PBL iterative phases. Very natural conversational style here; you cover many topics and include each other’s ideas well. Music created an engaging and steady presence, a positive presence throughout. Great work!

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