Flowers for Robin

Richard Powers’ Booker Prize Winner, Bewilderment, has astounded readers everywhere with its emotional complexity and metaphorical depth. Theo and his son, Robin, take us on a journey of grief and growth through a layered and twisting plot. Via an exploration of astrophysics, biology, and neuroscience, Powers leaves no stone unturned in the quest for both emotional and scientific intelligence.

In this podcast, Nico invites Sophia, Juliana, Lauren, Ryan, and Mansfield to be your guide to this page-turner, sharing their unique perspectives and opinions on this heartfelt cli-fi novel. Tune in to hear their reflections on loss, love, and life, including the subtle yet strong connection to Daniels Keyes’ “Flowers for Algernon.” Definite spoiler alert ahead! 

This group cannot wait to help you find your own connections to Powers’ words. Feel free to head over to our Instagram for more content. 

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1 Response to Flowers for Robin

  1. paigehos says:

    This was really well done. I especially liked the music in the beginning. Lauren- the informative yet concise synopsis of important parts of the plot was really important and helped my understanding of the novel. Julianna- I really enjoyed your connection to modern issues with the author’s perspective on modern issues and making it relevant to his plot. Sophia- your connection to metaphorical language that brings in alternative realities is really fascinating and creates a very specific understanding to me of the novel. Ryan- your explanation of Aly’s function in the novel was enlightening and helped me understand her as a character in relation to the novel. Nico- unpacking the themes in your excerpts from the novel was great and I had never heard of cli-fi (if that’s how you spell it) very interesting.

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