Oh Podcast!

Our LitCircle is excited to continue to read OhWilliam! , Elizabeth Strout’s shortlisted Booker Prize novel. With every turn of the page, we learn more about Strout’s unique perspective of divorce and marriage, and see the similarities and difference the novel shares with other acclaimed works of literature.
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3 Responses to Oh Podcast!

  1. Connor and Joe says:

    You guys did a great job in highlighting the psychological aspects of Lucy in addition to the plot and the connection that Lucy had to William. Nicely done!!!

  2. bifftran says:

    Natziri and I really enjoyed your dissection of ‘Oh William!’ thus far. We liked the concept of codependency that was described with the examples of her behavior and attachment to William. Her action of washing her mouth reminded us of the song “Soap” by Melanie Martinez. We thought that with her mentality, she is liable to return to William if he ever approached her again.

  3. alongley18 says:

    The Trees South group enjoyed your discussion on Lucy’s relationships especially her divorce with William. Overall, gr8 insight and can’t wait to give the book a read!

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