For The Love of Soccer

UnknownIn She’s the Man Viola is a girl who loves to play soccer. She has a goal to make first string during the biggest game of the season. Her Mother, however, has different plans. She wants Viola to be very lady like and act how proper ladies should. Naturally, Viola is not like this and would rather be kicking a soccer ball instead of drinking tea. Instead of doing what is expected of her, Viola does what makes her happy. She isn’t afraid to be different from everyone else. In fact she would much rather be the way she is instead of being someone she doesn’t want to be. At the end of the movie, we see that Viola and her mother find happiness because of her love of soccer. Viola is able to score the winning goal in the soccer game, and her mother is able to pick out the perfect dress for her to wear. In the end Viola’s strong personality brings the family together.

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