Best Practices for Effective Blog


Silvia R. Tolisano, Connected Learner, @langwitches

Does this image help you revise all the parts and nuances of a successful blog post? Importantly, did you need to revise your prose at all to incorporate well your media? This list will also help you will smaller details, such as a reminder about category. Be sure to select at minimum the “English III Honors” and “American Poetry” categories. You can select others that you see fit. Be sure to deselect “Uncategorized” category. You have to do this manually. Click on the source link to learn more from the “Langwitches” website, a most helpful source for our #flatclassroom. Then, once you have created an excellent post, be mindful to go back to the email list to see whose blog you will make a PQP comment. Also go back and review your tweet to see if you need to revise it given that your post may have been altered by recent updates.




About bsullivan35

I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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